John is a promising young filmmaker currently based in New York, NY with a bachelor's degree in film sciences. John is skilled in a wide range of disciplines including:

Advanced Editing

  • -Will use creative and visionary techniques/tools to cut together your projects.

  • Fashion Pieces

  • -Showcases a collaboration between the model, photographer, stylist and clothing from the designer(s). Will create a piece that is unique to the team.

  • Behind The Scenes

  • -Captures the creation of your project/shoot from beginning to end through video, audio, and/or photography. Will piece together the highlights of your journey into any form needed.

  • Other Production Services

  • -Directing
  • -Camera Operation
  • -Art Direction

  • Photography

  • -Portrait, fashion, concept, promotional and roaming photography.



    AFI Film Festival Laurel Enzian Film Festival Laurel Heartland Film Festival Laurel Jay Sanders Film Festival LA Film Festival NFFTY Film Festival SXSW Film Festival


    "Excellent film- very professional- well done"

    "Story tight, focused and well told... It is possible to tell a good story in just a few minutes. You've done it. You've made an outstanding short film"

    "As a filmmaker I can only tell him to continue on his journey. He is obviously skilled and has a strong vision and seems to have a desire to tell important stories. Keep doing it."

    "You have taken a story that we thought we knew (the Haitian earthquake), and given us a different angle through which to experience it. This is a talent that you possess - not something that can easily be taught"


    "If Carrolton's John Gordon III isn't the youngest filmmaker at South by Southwest this year, he's got to be close. To the Ends of the Earth, was accepted into the Texas High School Shorts competition and screened to a packed house of parents and students on Friday night at the Dobie Theater.
    The five-minute film follows a father (John's father, John Gordon II) and son (John's younger brother, Taylor) as they travel to the airport, where the boy wanders off and gets lost. There's no dialogue in the film; instead, a contemplative narrator speaks of the uneasiness of separation.
    "The film comes from the feelings that you have when something we value is lost," John said during an interview Monday morning, his beaming mother, Benita, sitting near by. "It really came from my younger brother, who gets lost all the time. It's such a deep impact -- I know how I feel."

                  - Stephen Becker, Dallas Morning News

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